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Benefits of Facials


The benefits of facials can go more than skin deep, though, providing a sense of relaxation and peace while enhancing self confidence and promoting a general feeling of well being.  A facial can be a one step process or can involve multiple different applications.


Taking the time off to get a facial is a chance to enhance your skin while you relax in a spa atmosphere. There are a variety of facials offered that address problems such as dry skin, inflamed pores, acne, and even just tense faces. Both men and women, as well as teens, can partake in this skin-saving and rejuvenating process.

Even if you wash your face regularly, your pores still accumulate the dirt and grime that are associated with everyday life. The skin of your face is also susceptible to smoke and sun damage that can be treated with a good facial.

Facials consist of a process where a skincare technician first assesses your skin condition. After this consultation, the technician will help you choose the best type of facial for you. The skin specialist will look at a number of factors to determine your skin type. She may take pore size, skin texture, tone, and oil production into consideration.

During the process, the skin expert will deep-clean your face, as well as exfoliate the dead layer of skin on the surface. Your skin will be softened and treated specifically during the whole ordeal, and afterward. Our facials include customized treatments that focus on things like relaxing your face with special massages.   Facials work to detoxify your skin by extracting the impurities that build up in your pores. Additionally, they help to hydrate your face and lock in moisture. A facial targeted for your skin type can actually help fight the aging process by promoting cell turnover and hydration, protecting you from fine lines and sagging.

There are several different types of facials that have been created to address the different needs of different people. This helps the aesthetician tailor the facial to help you as much as possible, protecting your skin from the ravages of dirt and even time. There are calming facials that use gentle products while still cleaning out your skin. Also, you will receive a facial massage during this process to help relax the muscles of your face and smooth out worried puckers. Acne-fighting facials may include special extractions in addition to the deep cleansing to fully remove built-up blackheads.

Head Cases offers facials specialized for men that focus on cleaning out ingrown hairs. We also offer teen facials to set teenagers on the right track in skincare. Also, we offer a lunchtime Essential facial that give people who are pressed for time a quick chance to still impact their face in a beneficial way.

As you can see, the benefits of facials are numerous. Not only do you target your skin issues, but you also get a chance to relax and enjoy the treatment. If you are looking for a wonderful spa experience, scedule an appointment with Head Cases today!